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ingredients that release 400 times more scent than plastic baits. Formulated especially for ocean gamefish, Berkley Gulp! Saltwater is so potent it can actually OUTFISH live bait. Plus itĺs 100 percent biodegradable for a cleaner environment. Stock up on a full selection of Gulp! Saltwater baits and youĺll experience more action than ever! They all look, smell, and move just like the real thing.

Name And Size Qty Image Color
5" Swimming Shad 3 Image Camo, New Penny
6" Grub 4 Image Charteuse, Pink Shine
3" Squid 8 Image Amber Glow
5" Squid 3 Image Salt and Pepper Glow
8" Squid 2 Image Sugar and Spice Glow
4" Shrimp 4 Image Mango Ripple Glow, Nuclear Chicken Glow
5" Jerk Shad 5 Image New Penny, Pearl White
2" Peeler Crab 5 Image Amber Glow, Orange Tiger Glow
4" Swimming Mullet 12 Image Chartreuse, Red